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Re: Boot Freeze

On Thu, 27 Jul 95 16:02 EST you wrote:

>        OK!  Things are really starting to get weird.  I re-FTPed the 5 debian
>install disk images.  I re-gzip -d ed them.  I re-rawrite3-ed them.  They did
>exactly the same thing.  So I said to myself, "Self, fall back to your previous
>slackware installation."  Guess what folks?  The re-install of my prior
>slackware system did exactly the same thing.  The last message says:
>  VFS Mount root readonly      Or something pretty close to that.  I can boot
>my, YECH, OS/2 system just fine.  I reformated the linux partition multiple
>times.  I have had no other indication of a problem.
>        Any ideas?
>                        Thanks,
>                        Jim Sherman
>                        Last seen in the Bight of Benin.

I had a similar problem myself. The fix is easy. Rawrite3 will not
work properly under an OS/2 DOS session.

To fix the problem, shorten the filenames to 8.3 format for use under
DOS and copy them to your DOS partition. Then boot DOS and Rawrite3
the images to to the floppy disk. That should give you a good bootdisk
and the three basedisks.

Good luck!

Rod Cole

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