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CI/Jenkins meetup at Ericsson Kista on May 4th


I still pursuing to have Ericsson premises hosting some Debian event for the full day, but so far it was possible to start with a meetup about CI(Continuous Integration)/Jenkins.

I will be very pleased if Debian community could participate.  The call will be soon available on meetup.com, but it is basically this one:

On May 4th join Ericsson meetup to talk about CI/Jenkins Meetup will be hosted by Ericsson at Ericsson Studio building. It will follow an open space for discussions and use case on Jenkins for CI environments. Ericsson will start with 2 presentations about its own usage on Jenkins (10 minutes each) and let agenda open to everybody else interested to share. Snacks and drinks included. Limited seats, so please sign in! http://goo.gl/forms/qFDTUOadCC Date: May 4th Time: from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Location: Ericsson Studio, Grönlandsgången 4, Kista May the 4th be with you in Ericsson!

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