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Start Renting Sky Dancers and Air Puppets to Your Clients


Start Renting Sky Dancers and Air Puppets  to Your Clients



Specials with Company Logos on Dancing Inflatables


Buy American made dancing inflatables from Sky Dancers Promote.com

We have great specials on most of our items. Call for pricing at 800-789-3509.


Our eyes are naturally drawn to objects that are big, colorful and/or moving. That’s why our inflatable dancers are so effective in drawing clients to any event – they make your business the center of attention. Simply put, there is no better value available when it comes to attracting customers who are nearby to see what you have to offer them.


In order for people to have any interest in even the greatest products and events, they have to know about it. And the best way to make your clientele aware of what you offer them is to show them your product.



All our inflatables are made in USA.


Tel: 800-789-3509









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