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Re: Nokia-mobiler

Försök med: gnokii - http://www.gnokii.org/

Description: Datasuite for the mobile phones (console & X)
 Gnokii is a suite of programs linked against a backend library that allows
 communication with the phones. It current supports the most mobile phones,
 all AT capable mobiles as well as Symbian phones.


$ apt-cache search nokia
gnokii-smsd - SMS Daemon for Nokia mobile phones
libmultisync-plugin-syncml - SyncML plugin for MultiSync
libobexftp-dev - object exchange file transfer library
libopenobex-1.0-0 - OBEX protocol library
libopenobex-1.0-0-dev - OBEX protocol library - development files
obexftp - file transfer utility for devices that use the OBEX protocol
obexserver - Receive files with OBEX protocol
openobex-apps - Applications for OpenOBEX

-- L

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