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svenska parlamentariker om mjukvarupatent?

Möjligen något OT, men indirekt väldigt på ...

Säkert är flera här aktiva mot galna mjukvarupatent i EU, och håller på så
gott det går inför omröstningen i parlamentet nu på onsdag eller torsdag.

Undrar mest: är det någon som har mer data om hur svenska parlamentariker
kommer rösta? Just nu är lista (länk nedan) på kampanjcentralen rätt tom.
Vore bra att slippa dubbeljobb om det är fler som kan ringa "sin" eller
andra partiers parlamentariker.


Skickar också med det brev som jag fick nyss från FFII.
Per Eric
^): Per Eric Rosén http://rosnix.net/~per/
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 21:48:53 +0200
From: FFII <feedback@ffii.org>
To: per@rosnix.nu
Subject: Software Patents Vote on Tue or Wed in Strasbourg

Dear Per Eric Rosén,

You have registered as a supporter of FFII and thereby agreed to
receiving e-mails which tell you how you can support our work.[1]

The European Parliament will vote next Tuesday or Wednesday. Unless
more than half of the members (= 367) vote for serious amendments,
the Council's version will become law and US-style software patent
enforcement will begin in Europe.

On 5 July there will be a demonstration in Strasbourg, with coaches
from Paris, Brussels, Muenchen, Amsterdam and possibly elsewhere

Last thing for you to do:

* Check that your MEP will attend the plenary session, any abstention
is a vote for the unmodified council version.

We recommend him/her to vote for the 21 cross-partisan amendments[2],
but even a vote for the official EPP (Lehne-Kauppi) or ALDE line,
both of which solve only part of the problem, is better than not showing up
or abstaining. If the 21 cross-partisan amendments don't make it, in
your MEP also should vote for rejection of the directive.
* More instructions on how to contact your MEP is at
* Below you find a list of  MEPs with phone numbers and
some hints on specific messages to be delivered.

With kind regards, Hartmut Pilch, FFII

[1] Your user id is perosen at http://aktiv.ffii.org/, in case of
difficulties you also may contact buero at ffii.org.
[2] Rozek-Buzek-Duff amendments, http://wiki.ffii.org/AmPlenPr050701En

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