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Re: [OT] Verktyg för att skapa

Mikael Bergman skrev:
> Jag hade tänkt mig att skriva ett par enkla shellscript som ska samla
> statistik över min mail. Jag vill sedan sammanställa allt i lämpliga
> diagram för att presentera på webben. Det jag letar efter är alltså ett
> verktyg för att skapa diagram i form av jpg/png/gif-bilder. Villkoret är
> alltså att det ska scriptas.

"Chart" [1] av Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, mannen bakom gmane.org, kanske kan
vara nåt. Med hans egna ord:
The rest of our web site is PHP-based, so it was natural to want to use
PHP for generating the graphs. One less thing that can go wrong is one
less thing that can go wrong.

As an olden gnuplot user, my first impulse was to create something that
resembled that, but I quickly realized that my hubris wasn't that
overwhelming -- yet. Gnuplot is an excellent, flexible, complex program,
but its functionality is overkill for what I need. I do not need to plot
three-dimensional data sets using esoteric functions. I have actual
two-dimensional (or de facto two-dimensional) data sets that I wish to
have presented graphically. Chart attempts to fill that (much simpler)

I have tried to emphasize ease of use -- Chart usually computes all the
boring stuff itself. However, most everything that Chart does can be
overridden or customized if you want a different look.

[1] http://quimby.gnus.org/circus/chart/chart-manual.php

/Martin Leben
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