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AV cables supplier

Dear Sir or Madam:
We, Shen Zhen Agile Electronics Co., Ltd(SAE), is a subsidiary company of Jiangxi Wire & Cable General Factory, which 
supplied high quality cable for the first satellite "The East Is Red" in China and "Type E of Long March II" rocket, 
and was the one to produce the first physical foaming RF coaxial cable in China.
SAE was established in 1991 and specializes in wires and cables like computer connectors, USB cables,coaxial cables, 
transmitting cables for digital camera, MP3, MD, communication equipment, CATV connecting cables, telephone wires, A/V 
cables and all kinds of high-accuracy special cables.

Our main customers are among the most famous ones in the world: Bell, Rodger, Legend.
We gained the safety certification of UL and CCEE and have ISO9002 certified.

Please visit our website at www.chinasae.com to search the products you want. Hope you find something interesting 

We assure good products, competitive prices and perfect service, and that you would never regret once you choose us as 
one of your business partner.
We are intending to exhibit in the Canton Fair held in April. If you are willing to meet us there, we shall inform you 
our booth number later, as we are meanwhile in the process of application.

We await your prompt reply.

Best regards,


Joyce Mo

Shen Zhen Agile Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86-755-26632717-8011(extension)

Fax: 86-755-26632719

Address: 4th Floor, 25th Building, Hi-tech Zone, Nan Shan District, Shen Zhen City, Guang Dong Province, China

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