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Re: Lilo fråga /bios fråga

lars lindgren wrote:
Problematiken blir värre av att jag inte kan installera debian på den maskin som jag faktist ska köra på, utan jag installerar det altså på en annan maskin och flyttar disken. Så jag måste på något vis få lilo rätt från början.

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From: Richard Lithvall <richard@lithvall.nu>
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Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 00:47:23 +0100
Subject: Re: Lilo fråga /bios fråga

Lasse wrote:

Valda delar ur lilo.conf

Byt till /dev/hda


I would suggest making a boot floppy.
If I recall correctly you should get an option to create one during the installation.

Btw as to Lilo wont boot from /dev/hdb1.
Your bios probably only allows booting from the primary disks on each IDE-channel.
I had the same problem when I couldn't boot from the installation CD.
My guess is that you have two disks on the first IDE-channel and the CD player on the second.
You could also make a small /boot partition on /dev/hda.
But the easiest is to make a boot floppy.

If you use the same kernel as the installation CD you could even use that one as a boot floppy. You would be forced to supply the right root directory as a startup option to the kernel.
You could also use LOADLIN.EXE to startup a kernel from MS-DOS.
In case Windows should overwrite lilo and my /boot partition I have a copy of a kernel and LOADLIN.EXE on my windows partition. I'd then use "E:\LOADLIN.EXE e:\lz247 root=hdb2" and I'd be under linux again. E:\lz247 is a copy of my kernel. Remember to make sure it is a kernel you have the corresponding /lib/modules for. Otherwise you will be in a world of trouble.

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