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Re: Disk boot failure

lördagen den 9 november 2002 22.25 skrev Helgi Örn:
> On Sat, 2002-11-09 at 21:47, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> > Er, so what _does_ happen with your boot floppy?
> That I explained in my first mail...:-)
> >  I'm all out of
> > clairvoyance credits for the month and my remote viewing neighbor is
> > out of town.
> >
> > I assume you've tried booting with the rescue disk (the install
> > floppy)?
> Yes, and some other alternatives like I explained in my first mail...:-)
> The floppy drive sounds normal just before the boot failure message pops
> up.

I normally hate floppy drives, you never know when you connected it correct. 
The problem does sound to me that the floppy is not correct connected.

There are some basic rules when connecting a floppy is :

* The connectors after the twist on the cable must be in the first floppy 
drive. The second pair on the cable is  for the "B unit". The last one, that 
is alone, must be on the motherboard.

* Normally (at least on my floppy) don't know if inserted the cable 
upside-down in the connection on the motherboard or in the floppy drive. Just 
try to flip one-by-one and see if any of the four combination work.

I hope this help.


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