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Disk boot failure

Hello Debians!

I'm stuck in deep trouble. I want to put Debian on an old box I got. The
box got 2 harddisks, pri. master 1707MB and pri. slave 1083MB. When I
try to boot it it gives me: DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND
No matter what kind of a boot floppy I give it or how I mix the drive
connections, nothing seems to work.
The BIOS does detect the floppy and the hd's and the system runs the
memory test at bootup, spins the floppy, the BIOS system configuration
table and then the message above. The BIOS is a Award Modular BIOS

Grateful for all the tips and help I can get.

All the best,
Helgi Örn

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