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Re: [sandyman: Kernel problem (LILO)]

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, William Sandin wrote:

>    Hejsan alla debianare! 
>    Jag har nu fått denna error ett flertal gånger den här 
>    veckan med mina kärnor när jag ska starta upp dom i LILO: 
>    LILO: Linux-2.4.19-pre9 
>    EBDA to big! 




 > After recompiling the kernel, changing lilo.conf and executing lilo I
 > get the following error message when booting:
 > "EBDA too big" printed right after "LILO 21.7-5 Loading Linux" Please 
 make the following change to /usr/share/misc/magic as described in bug
 report 106898.  Then run "file" on the kernel and see if it is the right 
 type of kernel.

Så det verkar som om du råkat ut för en "standardbugg"..?

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