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Re: Problama con Samba y acceso anónimo desde WinXP

El Jueves, 6 de Octubre de 2005 00:53, Rober Morales escribió:
|| restrict anonymous

Vaya, esto sí tiene pinta de tener que ver con mi problema. Lo he buscado en 
la documentación de Samba para ver qué es y pone esto:

"restrict anonymous (G)
 The setting of this parameter determines whether user and group list 
information is returned for an anonymous connection. and mirrors the effects 
of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESTEMrrentControlSetntrolAstrictAnonymous registry 
key in Windows 2000 and Windows NT. When set to 0, user and group list 
information is returned to anyone who asks. When set to 1, only an 
authenticated user can retrive user and group list information. For the value 
2, supported by Windows 2000/XP and Samba, no anonymous connections are 
allowed at all. This can break third party and Microsoft applications which 
expect to be allowed to perform operations anonymously. 
The security advantage of using restrict anonymous = 1 is dubious, as user and 
group list information can be obtained using other means."

Vamos, que tiene buena pinta, aunque lo miraré mañana con más calma que me voy 
a dormir.

Muchas gracias Rober.

que a mí ni me va ni me viene... pero por comentar...

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