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Re: como uso un DISPLAY remoto via ssh?

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Pablo Braulio wrote:
> El Lunes, 3 de Octubre de 2005 00:40, Carlos Ferrabone escribió:
>>>¿Haces antes xhost + ?
>>obviamente no, porque no se que es...
> Pues se trata de dar acceso a las X a cualquier usuario de la máquina.
correccion, aqui das acceso a X a _todo el mundo_

       The  xhost  program is used to add and delete host names or user
names to the list allowed to make connections to
       the X server.  In the case of hosts, this provides a rudimentary
form of privacy control  and  security.   It  is
       only  sufficient  for a workstation (single user) environment,
although it does limit the worst abuses.  Environ-
       ments which require more sophisticated measures should implement
the user-based mechanism or use the hooks in the
       protocol for passing other authentication data to the server.

> man xhost
man xauth es el comando indicado (ya explicado hace menos de un mes...):

   The  xauth  program is used to edit and display the authorization
information used in connecting to the X server.
       This program is usually used to extract authorization records
from one machine and merge them in on  another  (as
       is  the  case  when  using  remote  logins or granting access to
other users).  Commands (described below) may be
       entered interactively, on the xauth command line, or in scripts.
 Note that this program does not contact  the  X
       server  except  when the generate command is used.  Normally
xauth is not used to create the authority file entry
       in the first place; xdm does that.

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