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Re: slow telnet and ftp connections


I've have added to my /etc/hosts the Ip of my win client and now it is
working fine. At least from inside the network.
For the ftp from the outside network mybe I should deactivate the reverseDNS
and identLookups of my ftp server.

Thanks to everybody!

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Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 11:57 AM
Subject: RE: slow telnet and ftp connections

> Seguramente intentas hacer el telnet al nombre de la máquina, y al
> intentar hacer la resolución inversa, no existe en el DNS. Por eso
> te va lento.
> La solución sería meter el nombre de tu máquina en la zona de resolución
> inversa.
> Otra opción, para detectar si ese es realmente el problema, es meter en
> el fichero hosts de la máquina desde donde ejecutas el cliente el nombre
> de tu máquina y tu IP. Al resolver, la conexión te irá perféctamente.
> Pruébalo, y nos cuentas.
> Un saludo.
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> Asunto: slow telnet and ftp connections
> My System:
> potato with the security updates.
> proftpd
> telnetd
> My Problem:
> telnet and ftp (local network) connections to my server from win clients
> (CUTE FTP, MSIE, Putty ...) are very slow:
> The Telnet running is not slow when connection is done, so the anoying
> is just the connection.
> Linux telnet client connect to the server very fast.
> But Win telnet client also connects to another server out of the network
> very fast ?!
> So I don't know which could be the problem?
> Josep
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