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compressed archives

Hi there,

I'm a bit confused about the use of tar and/or gzip/gunzip.  If I
understand it well, a .gz file is just a file compressed with gzip, and
I should just use the command gunzip foo.gz to uncompress it;
then, a .tar is an archived file, and to untar them, just use tar -
whatever.  If the file has the extensions .tar.gz, then I should first
use gunzip, and then tar.  Is this correct so far?
Now, if the file has the extension .tgz, it could be either a
slackware package, or a tar gzipped file?  In the first case, typing
tar -xvfz foo.tgz, would take care of the problem and install it on a
slackware distribution (much like dpkg -i foo.deb?), but... how
about in the second case?  How do I do in order to untar and unzip

Thanks a lot,

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