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Re: SECURITY: new bash packages available


Estoy viendo que el servicio de seguridad de Debian, parece ser que funciona
más rápido (si es que puede ser en el mundo Linux), que el de Red Hat.
El mensaje de Debian-security referente a una vulnerabilidad del Bash, y sus
updates correspondientes, me llegó uno o dos días antes que éste de Red Hat.

> A security vulnerability has been identified in all versions of bash shipped
> with Red Hat Linux. Details on the nature of the bug have been posted
> recently to the BUGTRAQ security list.
> The bug is not immediately exploitable - it will require that a user with
> shell account on one machine create a carefully constructed directory
> structure and then wait for somebody else with a root account to cd into
> that directory.
> Red Hat would like to thank Joao Manuel Carolino <root@EINSTEIN.DHIS.EU.ORG>
> for identifying this bug and Wichert Akkerman <wichert@WIGGY.ML.ORG> for
> providing an idea of a fix.

Have a nice day ;-)

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