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Re: doctor data

Special Package for this week

Fully Licensed Physicians in the USA 

788,421 in total * 17,193 emails

Many popular specialties like Emergency Medicine, Plastic Surgery, OBGYN, Oncology, Pediatrics and more

16 different sortable fields

Pharmaceutical Companies in the USA
Personal email addresses (47,000 in total) and names for top level executives

American Hospitals
complete contact information for CEO's, CFO's, Directors and more - over 23,000 listings in total for more than 7,000 hospitals in the USA

American Dentists
Practically every dentist in the US is listed here

American Chiropractors Directory
100k Chiropractors offices with full contact data including email, postal address, phone and fax

Dramatic cost reduction: 
$396 for all lists above

reply to:      Georgia@prolistsource.info


exp. mar Sept  26 2009

to adjust your subscription status email to exit@prolistsource.info

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