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2460 PCs / 12000 alunos: Debian na Educação / Itália

Hundreds of schools in the south Italian province of Bolzano have
migrated from Windows XP to Linux for the forthcoming academic year.

All of the Italian-language schools in the province have adopted the
software, according to Christopher Gabriel, chief technical officer with
Truelite SRL, an Italian GNU/Linux consultancy company that is
co-ordinating the deployment. Truelite managed the technical aspects of
the migration, from software development to teaching the courses.

The migration, known as the Fuss Project, means that 16,000 students
will be using Linux from 12 September, when the new school terms starts.
A 40-strong installation party set-up the Debian flavour of Linux and
the Gnome desktop environment on 2,460 PCs during July and August.



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