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[fora] Slackware abandona Gnome


Gnome é meu preferido, por isso gostaria que os mais experientes comentassem a
declaração do mantenedor do Slcak sobre o Gnome. Como a Debian se não
foi a primeira, foi uma das primeiras, a incluir o Gnome na distro, creio que a
banda de cá não pensa como a de lá.

A declaração é uma resposta a Troy McFerron e está abaixo:

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Troy McFerron wrote:
> I hope this is something that is close to happening and I am bothering
> you for no reason, but its something that Ubuntu has by default and
> most other distros have easy to install packages for.

GNOME 2.8? I'm not aware of too many distributions that contain that.

Anyway, suffice to say the jury is still out. Since GNOME 1.4 I've felt
that GNOME is going in a direction that doesn't fit well with Slackware's
goals, and for at least as long I've considered removing it completely and
taking whatever flames I get for that decision. Right now, I think
removing it would be the best thing for Slackware as it's become a
maintainance nightmare (unlike nearly every other ./configure'ed source,
GNOME doesn't build into packages easily with DESTDIR).

Not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure, but I do believe it would be best
to let Dropline produce Slackware's GNOME and quit wasting my own time
with it. Probably 1/3 of developement time here is used maintaining
GNOME, and *most* of the bug reports I get have something to do with GNOME
(and aren't bugs I caused, or can fix). KDE, on the other hand, tends to
build using the existing build scripts with no changes at all. I can
start the build and come back to finished packages in a few hours. A
GNOME update usually takes at least a week of manual labor, and another
week of cleaning up broken things. It's been a long time (like I said,
around GNOME 1.4), since I've felt the effort was worth the return.



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