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Re: DEPLOY: Debian project unable to deploy Sender ID

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 17:55:57 +0200
Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:

Alguém pode me explicar o que é Sender ID?

Caso vocês não recebam esta é uma mensagem "debian-news".

> DEPLOY: Debian project unable to deploy Sender ID
> This message summarises the position of the Debian project, producer
> of the universal operating system: Debian GNU/Linux.  The Debian
> project abides by a social contract to our users that specifies all
> software included in the operating system will be Free Software,
> meaning that it can be freely redistributed, modified, used, etc. as
> defined under the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG)
> The current Microsoft Royalty-Free Sender ID Patent License Agreement
> terms are a barrier to any Debian package which wants to implement
> Sender ID or include Sender ID support.  We believe the current
> license and resulting encumbrances are incompatible with the DFSG,
> unlike other Internet standards that Debian is able to support.
> Therefore, we cannot implement or deploy Sender ID under the current
> license terms.  Indeed, we would be forced to remove SenderID support
> from software we ship that does support Sender ID upstream according
> to the terms of our social contract.
> For the most part, our legal concerns mirror those of the Apache
> Software Foundation, the Free Software Foundation, as well as the
> Postfix, Exim, and Courier maintainers.
> We are also concerned that no company should be permitted intellectual
> property rights (IPR) over core Internet infrastructure.  We believe
> the IETF needs to revamp its IPR policies to ensure that the core
> Internet infrastructure remain unencumbered.

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