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Re: ftp.br.debian.org

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 06:51:51PM -0200, Hélio Alexandre Lopes Loureiro wrote:
> > ftp.br.debian.org, the official Brazilian mirror, and several Debian users
> > from Brazil have asked about it, would you be interested to have us assign
> > that address to your server? (I believe I inquired about something like this
> > previously, even...)
> 	Sure.  It's a honour for me and all LCMI team.  The host
> debian.lcmi.ufsc.br was build for supply a new, and alternative, mirror
> for brazillian users.  I had suggested ftp2.br.debian.org, but how
> ftp.br.debian.org is out, we can reply for it.

Good! I'll see that is assigned ftp.br.debian.org.

Just out of curiosity, what's the bandwidth your site has?

> > Presuming the site hosts the whole mirror (i.e. not partial) and rsync
> > access can be set up (for submirrors), the location is perfect.
> 	Well... i'm not keeping old releases, yet, but i can think about
> this (getting more disk space, of course).

Ah, but that's not necessary. We only request that you mirror the current US
and non-US sites (daily), old releases nor CD images are needed.

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