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Togethe we can rescue them (charitable program in aid to the children of the patients with leukemia)

Under the aegis

Tatarstanskogo regional public the charitable foundation for aid to children, who remained 

themselves without the care of parents, to invalids and by soldier after injuries. "RanDen"

Is organized the collection of means and donations, medicines, in aid to the children of the 

patients with the leukemia. 

If to you it is not unimportant the fate of the children, who live 

only by hope for recovery. By which, glyadya into the eyes, khochetsya to shout from the endlessness

By them it is required urgent operations, on which depends zhizn. We you diminish do not pass by; 

lengthen the hand of the aid Esli in you there is the possibility to help them by materially any sum 

of small large unimportantly, who than can 

Fotohistory the confirmatory documents 

They also have right v New advancing year to have a hope for the life Can someone it will write 

to them the good letter, from which on the soul although for a moment it will become more easily.

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