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Re: Bug#269878: More info on Icelandic keyboard

(Please keep me CC'ed to answers)

Quoting Kristinn B. Gylfason (kristgy@askur.org):
> Hi Alastair,
> On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 10:28:10PM +0100, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> > Thank you for your bug report.
> > Can you please tell me which Language you chose when doing this install?
> > Which language(s) will be used to install Debian in Iceland?
> > 
> I chose US English during the install.  Icelandic is the dominant
> language in Iceland but since there does not exist an Icelandic
> translation of the Debian Installer I think that US English is a good
> default choice.

Well, I, as "informal" Debian Installer (D-I) i18n coordinator, am
desperately trying to find one.

Kristinn, if you volunteer, you're more than welcome..

A few weeks ago, I sent a mail to the debian-user-icelandic mailing
list...but was unsuccessful in trigerring some vocations..:-)

Let's try again. Guys and girls, Icelandic is currently, along with
Serbian, Irish (Alastair, hint), Estonian, Belarussian and Moldovan,
among the very last european languages which Debian Installer is NOT
translated into.

I know that people in Iceland are proud of their culture and heritage
(and you have to...your country is at the top of my "should go"
list). So, I can't believe I will not find someone...:-)

> > I have tested the latest debian-installer candidates and the Icelandic
> > keyboard appears to work, but is not selected by default if you choose
> > 'Iceland' as your country. Is this the bug you saw, or did the keyboard
> > not work at all for you? If so, could you please try the current
> > release candidate?
> > 
> The Icelandic keyboard worked fine for me.  My point was only that it
> would be appropriate to have the Icelandic keyboard selected by default
> in the keyboard selection dialog after you have chosen 'Iceland' as your 
> country.  If I remember correctly the
> installer will generally try to do this kind of default selection.

Well, not exactly. Keyboard selection is based on the locale. When you
first choose English as language, then Iceland as country, you end up
with the en_US locale, because en_IS is not a supported locale. So,
there is currently no way to get Icelandic keyboard automatically
chosen in such situation.

Having the Icelandic keyboard as default of is_IS would not hurt of
course....we then will be ready for the day when D-I is translated in

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