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Re: exim και debian-exim user

On 11:07 Tue 22 Sep     , Giannis Beredimas wrote:
> Windows SFU και προπολεμικά SunOS ... those were the times ;)
> --G.

Δε θα έλεγα ακριβώς "προπολεμικά"...

Solaris 10 update 3 /etc/security/policy.conf:

# The Solaris default is the traditional UNIX algorithm.  This is not
# listed in crypt.conf(4) since it is internal to libc.  The reserved
# name __unix__ is used to refer to it.

Ναι, το 2006 το Solaris εξακολουθούσε by default να κάνει DES και 
truncate στους 8 χαρακτήρες. Ελπίζω πλέον να έχουν αλλάξει τα πράγματα.

Apollon Oikonomopoulos
GRNET Network Operations Centre       http://www.grnet.gr

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