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Re: old version of webmin

Bernhard Kleine schrieb:
> I am using debian SID with actual updates and have webmin from the
> official site.
> Some time ago I got a problem using the debian apt-package system. I am
> left with remains of webmin 1.180-3 which are leftover from old times.
> Obviously the files to deinstall these packages are no longer. Do you
> have any idea how to get rid of these packages? Are there any old
> package repositories from where I could obtain and then reinstall these
> old versions and delete them afterwards?
Ich antworte dann auch mal auf deutsch ;)
dpkg --purge Paketname?
Vielleicht auch mit --force-irgendwas, siehe manpage bzw. dpkg --force-help.

Und wech,

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