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Re: email benachrichtigungstool unter icewm

On 05/03/2005 Wolf Wiegand wrote:
> Das geht anscheinend doch. Aus http://www.icewm.org/manual/icewm-10.html
> |MailBoxPath
> |
> | Path to a mbox file. Remote mail boxes are accessed by specifying
> | an URL using the Common Internet Scheme Syntax (RFC 1738):
> |
> |    scheme://[user[:password]@]server[:port][/path]
> |
> |    Supported schemes are "pop3", "imap" and "file". When the scheme is 
> |omitted "file://" is prepended silently. IMAP subfolders can be access 
> |by using the path component.

wow, du hast recht. es funktioniert einwandfrei. tausend dank nochmal ;)


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