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End of thread: Re: default file permissions

Ulrich Fürst wrote:
Hallo and good evening!

I want to use the same mozilla-profile for different users. But every knew file gets the permission - r w - r - - r - - . So no other user can get write access. I found out that I should set the sgid/suid-bit for the directories but that doesn't help. Whenever I create a test-file with 'touch file' it has only write permissions for the user not for the group.

My primary group is 'staff' (the same for the other users). On the console (not in KDE) I get the permissions as I want ( - r w - r w - r - ) . How can I change this, not only for mozilla but for some other shared directories, too.

I use KDE 3.1.4 on a woody box.



Tschulding vielmals, das sollte eigentlich an debian-KDE gehen...
Da hab ich mich wohl vertippt.


P.S. Und ich wundere mich das meine Mail nicht erscheint ... sehr peinlich :-(

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