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A mail with Subject < Re: hello > has been filtered off

 This is a notification email from gateway server which filters mail with
attachment of potentially dangerous extensions. The filtered mail has your
email address as sender, thus the virus-protection gateway is notifying you
of the filtering done.
If the filtered mail was sent by a virus-infected computer that spoofed
your email address as sender, please ignore it. No further action is
If you indeed wanted to send a mail with attachment, please use other
If you are SP staff, please refer to Electronic Advisor for more details.
If you are SP student, please refer to Student Intranet Server.
If you are external parties, please contact the intended recipient in SP
for advice.
The filtered mail had the following details:
Subject:  < Re: hello >
Sender: < debian-user-german@lists.debian.org >
Recipient: < s33036@sp.edu.sg >
Name of file attachment : < doc_ang.exe >
Virus name (if any):  < W32.Netsky.C@mm >
If the "virus name" is "Filter file extension". Please ignore it.
If staff has any further question or doubt, please email to "CIS - Virus
Task Group".

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