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RE Woody, MatroxP650; FW: [XFree86] Matrox P650 support?

Hallo Ralf
Gruß gebhard

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Subject: Re: [XFree86] Matrox P650 support?

Daniel Lang wrote:

> could anyone state, if the Matrox Millenium P650 would work
> with XFree 4.3.x on FreeBSD?
> The G450/550 seem to be supported. Maybe the chipset is
> compatible enough to work with the mga driver.

They are not similar at all.  The P650 is based on the newer Parhelia 
core.  The only driver that I know of for that chip is the one from Matrox.

> Matrox provides Linux drivers, but I'm not sure,
> if there exist kld-wrappers for FreeBSD.

XFree86 driver binaries are supposed to be cross-platform (at last on 
the same architecture), so the *_drv.o from Matrox *should* work.  You 
won't get 3D acceleration, though.

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