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Re: Verwirrt: Debian/testing und kein kde3


Markus Hansen wrote:
> Normal bugs - resolved (1 bug)
> #213616: libsensors-1debian1: it doesnt have any innstalation candidate, in 
> apt-get 
> Package: libsensors-1debian1; Reported by: knut <knutekje@start.no>; Done: 
> Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org>; Will be archived: in 27 days. 
> (Closed Bugs are archived 28 days after the last related message is
> received.)

Das ist hierfür aber völlig uninteressant.

Der Bug worüber wir hier reden ist dieser:

#210276: ksysguardd: Can not install package, unmet dependency to
Package: ksysguardd; Severity: grave; Reported by: Niklas Morberg
<niklas.morberg@axis.com>; 23 days old.


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