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debian woody(r1):

Durch mo[TAB] fand ich "moniker-test"

,----[ man moniker-test ]
|        undocumented - No manpage for this program, utility or function.
| This  program, utility or function does not have a useful manpage.  Please
| do not report this as a bug, because this has already been reported  as  a
| bug;  when  a  manpage  becomes available it will be included, and the bug
| report closed <http://www.debian.org/Bugs/>.  If you are a  competent  and
| accurate  writer and are willing to spend the time reading the source code
| and writing good manpages please write a better man page  than  this  one.
| Please  contact  the  package  maintainer in order to avoid several people
| working on the same manpage.

Was hat es mit dem moniker-test auf sich?
apt-cache search moniker-test
listet nichts.


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