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Re: Neues Jahr = Neues Gesicht!

Jan Luehr <jluehr@gmx.net> writes:

> meine Fresse, wieso sich Leute am 1.4. darüber auffregen kapiere ich auch 
> nicht. ;)

Schön wäre es, wenn es ein Aprilscherz wäre. Aber der ist auf der
Liste vor kurzem erst aufgefallen; ich fürchte, der meint es
ernst. Und das ist nicht das erste Mal. Kostprobe gefällig? Aus der
englischsprachigen Debian-Liste:

> From: "Matthias Mann" <Matman@gmx.li>
> Date: 14 Oct 2000 23:08:02 +0200
> Organization: Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany
> Message-ID: <009801c03622$bf19c920$9e0ae195@arcor>
> Dear Debian and Linux-Users!
> (Cause i wrote : which software for professional mailing?)
> I?m so sorry! I had set me under pressure of time and money, cause i have
> very bad  parents and they made very much chaos into my life. So i thought
> spamming is the only way to go out of this bad feelings. Your comments and
> meanings showed me, that there are very better ways to go for me. Thank you
> all!
> For your info : I sent 1000 spams for another buisness that is canceled now.
> And now i know why that was a flop (mistake) [is flop an english word?].
> Now i don?t will send spams again. And i belive that YOU ALL have right and
> it is the best for me and all others if i use other and more honourable ways
> to show others what i like to sell.
> And please have a lucky LIFE!
> I think, i love You all!
> Matthias Mann; alias MatMan or Matman!

Mad Man wäre passender.


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