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Re: [Firestarter-user] Port keeps getting denied

Engstrom_Carl@emc.com schrieb:

I have been running Firestarter on RH 8.0 for a while now and I'm pretty
happy with it so far.  The one thing that keeps coming up is this...

I have a server running on my system on Port 27015 that people connect to
and my server responds on.  For some reason, the firewall keeps blocking the
I put in a special rule to open that port and I have since clicked on the
GUI to open the port up both ways. (several times).

But I keep getting those blocked packet notifications...

I'm not sure why they are still getting blocked.  Can someone tell me what I
need to do to troubleshoot this?


just a wild guess out of the blue!
AFAIK, RH comes up with its own simple firewall tool named "lokkit", which is configured after installation!

As far as I remember, you'll have to choose between three levels :

1)low (no blockage of ports)
2) medium (I don't remember what this option included)
3) high (blocks all ports)

Do you run "lokkit" and what security level did you select! (as root run "lokkit" on the console to check your options)


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