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Re: [Réseau] Interface dummy0


Le vendredi 06 mai 2011 à 16:08 +0200, Jeremy MAURO a écrit : 
> Donc j'aurai voulu savoir a quoi cela correspond et quelles sont les 
> caractéristiques de cette interface et surtout il y-a-t-il une 
> différence avec une alias lo?

linux-2.6/drivers/net/dummy.c :

/* dummy.c: a dummy net driver

        The purpose of this driver is to provide a device to point a
        route through, but not to actually transmit packets.

        Why?  If you have a machine whose only connection is an occasional
        PPP/SLIP/PLIP link, you can only connect to your own hostname
        when the link is up.  Otherwise you have to use localhost.
        This isn't very consistent.

        One solution is to set up a dummy link using PPP/SLIP/PLIP,
        but this seems (to me) too much overhead for too little gain.
        This driver provides a small alternative. Thus you can do

        [when not running slip]
                ifconfig dummy slip.addr.ess.here up
        [to go to slip]
                ifconfig dummy down
                dip whatever

        This was written by looking at Donald Becker's skeleton driver
        and the loopback driver.  I then threw away anything that didn't
        apply!  Thanks to Alan Cox for the key clue on what to do with
        misguided packets.

                        Nick Holloway, 27th May 1994
        [I tweaked this explanation a little but that's all]
                        Alan Cox, 30th May 1994

Et peut-être un peu plus clair, la section 5.7.7. de

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