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Re: HP LaserJet 3020 supportée ?


Frédéric Bothamy <frederic.bothamy@free.fr> a écrit :

> http://www.linuxprinting.org/pipermail/hp-list/2004q2/005242.html
> A priori, cela semble fonctionner sans difficulté.
> Tu peux aussi regarder du côté de hplip :
> http://hpinkjet.sourceforge.net/hplip_readme.html

| If you want to use the scanner, the printer has to be connected to the PTAL
| device. To let the scanner work uncomment the line "hpoj" from file
| /etc/sane.d/dll.conf
| Hope this help. 


Philippe Monroux
Ile de la Reunion 
E 55.3 S 21.5

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