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Re: Deux problèmes: nvidia et arrêt de l'ordinateur

RTyler a écrit :
garfield@hardz.net a écrit :

Tu tournes sur un noyeau recompilé a la main ? car ce genre d'erreur ce
produit généralement quand nvidia n'arrive pas a attendre ton
/usr/src/linux (qui doit etre un lien pointant sur

En fait il regarde aussi dans /lib/modules/uname -r/build qui est un
lien pointant sur l'endroit où tu as compilé ton noyau. Donc si tu as
compilé ton noyau sur une autre machine ce lien ainsi que /usr/src/linux
(qui n'existe pas chez moi) n'existe pas et l'installeur n'est pas content.


P.S. : Concernant /usr/src/linux, Linus disait :

"I would suggest that people who compile new kernels should:

- NOT do so in /usr/src. Leave whatever kernel (probably only the
header files) that the distribution came with there, but don't touch

- compile the kernel in their own home directory, as their very own
selves. No need to be root to compile the kernel. You need to be root
to _install_ the kernel, but that's different.

- not have a single symbolic link in sight (except the one that the
kernel build itself sets up, namely the "linux/include/asm" symlink
that is only used for the internal kernel compile itself).

And yes, this is what I do. My /usr/src/linux still has the old 2.2.13
header files, even though I haven't run a 2.2.13 kernel in a _loong_
time. But those headers were what glibc was compiled against, so those
headers are what matches the library object files.

And this is actually what has been the suggested environment for at
least the last five years. I don't know why the symlink business keeps
on living on, like a bad zombie. Pretty much every distribution still
has that broken symlink, and people still remember that the linux
sources should go into "/usr/src/linux" even though that hasn't been
true in a _loong_ time."

Ah si c'est linus qui le dis ;)

Le probleme c'est que personne ne semble faire ce qu'il dit ...

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