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Mail disapproved by spam filter

Thank you for sending mail to scarlet.nl
with the subject: Re: important
Unfortunately, your mail was deleted for the following reason.

   The body was very short or the body contained no interpunction

This has identified your mail as spam (unsolicited bulk email),
even if it was not intended as spam.

If you really sent mail to this address, and it was not spam,
please resend it after correcting your error.

If this does not succeed, please resend your message and put 
the secret code 375538 in the subject, so the subject
becomes: Re: important 375538

If you did not send mail to this address, your address has 
probably been spoofed by a spammer. In that case we apologise.
You'll understand that we are not to blame for a spammer's behaviour.

You received this message from Felicio Spamfilter. Please do not reply to this message.

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