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Re: Install de PWC

Désolé de répondre aussi tard et merci de votre aide !

Voici la procedure que je tente de faire, le readme d'install de pwcx sachant que j'ai un noyau 2.6.8 :

- Download the tarball, extract (you probably already did this). I assume
   it is extracted in your homedirectory.


 - Go to your kernel sources (usually located in /usr/src/linux)
   # cd /usr/src/linux


 - Copy the proper libpwcx.a to the directory; see the various
   subdirectories for builds of the library. You may also have to rename
   the library while copying, e.g.
   # cp ~/pwcx-9.0/mipsel/libpwcx-mips4.a drivers/usb/media/libpwcx.a


 - Copy the glue code to the directory
   # cp ~/pwcx-9.0/pwcx/*.[ch] drivers/usb/media


 - Start up your kernel configurator
   # make menuconfig


- Go the USB section; you will find a "PWCX decompressor entry"; enable it as module

eh ben là y'a rien ! :(
j'ai cherche dans /device drivers/usb support/* : rien

De plus
#grep PWC /usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.8/.config

 - Build your modules:
   # make modules modules_install

 - If all went well, you now have a working PWCX on your system!

voila, une petite idee svp !


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