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Re: [Soekris] newbie

Le Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 01:43:03AM +0100, Kim ecrit :
> The problem for me is not to perform the installation (in theory ;) ) 
> but to customize the debian system for the Soekris. As i've never done 
> this, i was hoping some of you guys had already done this or maybe could 
> lead me to the right thing.

I used a CF reader on my main computer. Then I installed the debian on
it, altered the /etc/lilo.conf file.

If you want to use some other functionnalities, you will need to patch
the kernel for the hardware watchdog and recompile it (make-kpkg), if
you want to change the state of the error led, you will need to get a
special module to compile for your kernel.

If you add hardware, it is like a normal PC. The only exception I got
is my PCI Netgear Wifi card : in the PCI slot, everything is OK, if I
use the mini-pci slot, it freezes.

But, be aware that the minimal Debian install takes more than 100Mb to
be functional. Finally, I made a sort of LFS, because my CF was too
small (128Mb)

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