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Re: [English Message][OT] how to type the ligature and learn the french keyboard

Aryan Ameri wrote:

Encore Unefois Wrote:

Quant au prénom Aryan je préfère penser qu'il a plus à voir avec les Aryens d'Iran (..linuxiran.org + mail posté de Nethousenetworks en Turquie) qu'avec ceux des nazis. Mais c'est vrai que ça peut sembler "trop" dans un seul post en pleine commémoration surmédiatisée du 60e anniv du jour J ! Et si c'était simplement le signal qu'attendait une cellule d'al-quaida pour pourrir la cérémonie ?

I was contempt on not participating in this tread anymore, but after bubble fishing Encore's message, I couldn't let this one go.

Aryan; guys, as you certainly know, was the name of a tribe that used to live (perhaps) in northern Russia. For whatever the reason, they migrated to south and settled in Iran and northern India. It is debatable wether some European races are also Aryan or not, many including me think they are not.

Iran, means "the land of Aryans", we inhabitants of this country have always called ourselves Aryans, and our former name (in old Persian) was Aryan-avayaga which again means the land of Aryans. There is a great article on the meaning of the word Aryan on wikipedia, please go and read it.

Why am I writing all of this? because I am sick that everytime I talk to a european, they automatically associate me with Hitler and Nazi!! This is sick, and it is disgusting for me. Aryan is a very common name in Iran, both as a first name and as a family name. It is probably as common as names such as Michel or Jean are in French. And I as an Iranian, am proud of my name, cause it is an Iranian name.

I don't know who gave that retard the idea to use such a persian name, as the name of his chosen race. But he was wrong and his use of this word was wrong. Get over it, Aryan has nothing to do with Nazism or Hitler or any of that stuff. It is a truly Persian name. I can of course try to understand you, my name, my signature, posting on D-Day, all combined together, was enough to convince you that i am a troll. Well, they say don't judge a book by its cover. They are right in saying that.

Thanks, and sorry for all these off topic posts, but couldn't resist the temptation to defend my self and my name.

Oups, very sorry :(!

I must appologise myself, as sender of the 'allert'...., thus after the jpourriez rough reply i found around 02 AM.., but have nothing to see with the latest nighmare someone made... :( !

But, you must convince personnaly, than it was a peculiar double meaning citation and in more, by your First Name and Familly name too, we could thought about some coufusion..., with the text you used as signature, in more... no :) ?

I really thought it was a racist or almost a wery bad kind of troll... :(! Some events that kind, occured sometimes during the last years on the web ; and on/by the duf, an 'outrageous' spam and scam activity arrive on my BAL time by time, too :( !

So both of us, exhausted of such facts and excessively pround of beeing french 'démocrats', have too exageretaly react, to such a disgusting mess..., maybee ? Specialy me, who have a site whose topics is preventing child abuse during divorce... :p ?

Next time i'll try first to really inquire myself before sending a too reactiv allert to the abuse system... :( ! Thus, I acted cause' i was probaly alone awake by night.... But i'm sure any other one 'll have act the same..., in better english in more :) !

Don't hesitate to respond me in private if necessary, specially if that doesn't concern Debian,cause there, you'll probably be much helpfull to me than me to you.., on that topic :) !

Sincere appologises ?

Cordialy yours

Mi - abreviation of Michel, by the way :)!
'Webmaster' of the page 'Pères en colère' / Sorry no Free, for instance :(! /
and some blogs and LiveJournals against the LEN :)!

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