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Re: [English Message] how to type the ligature and learn the french keyboard

> * Jean-Michel OLTRA <jm.oltra.antispam@espinasse.net> [Sun, Jun 06, 
2004 at 11:35:21AM +0200]:
> > I use this mapping
> > xmodmap -e 'keycode 116 = Multi_key'
> > So I can use this right-sided windows key to get æ and œ

Thanks to Jean-Michel and Patrice for their helpful answers. Problems 
solved, I am actually learning to design my own keyboard layout! 
Thanks. gtypist is also great, I am having fun with it.

There was however a misunderstanding I guess, as to my signature. It 
wasn't meant to be a troll. First let me clear that I am not Nazi, I 
have no sympathy with those dictators that created the second WW. I 
have many Jewish friends across the world, I consider myself to be very 
liberal and democrat, I am a great admirer of the French revolution and 
have read the history of France as best as I could. It was my deep 
feelings about the values of the French revolution that has led me to 
start learning French. 

jpourrez_N_O_S_T_A_M_P@free.fr asked me where I am. I am an 18 year old 
Iranian student, living and studying computer science in Cyprus. If 
this is of any concern to you.

That signature, was just something that I believed in. It wasn't meant 
to be a troll, honest. I am sorry if it has hurt anybody's feelings, I 
should have probably checked my calendar. If I knew that today is the 
D-Day, I wouldn't have sent that signature. I am utterly sorry for any 
inconvenience I might have caused. Just please don't label anyone as a 
troll, so easily.


Aryan Ameri

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