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Re: My postings in debian-user-french seems to be blocked

Le 18.05.2004 18:14:05, François TOURDE a écrit :

My lasts postings in Debian-user-french seems to be blocked. I've
looked at http://murphy.debian.org/mrtg/ but everythings seems ... hum
... correct :)

J'ai été « désabonné » à l'insu de mon plein gré la semaine dernière sans sommation. Je me suis résincrit ...

		- Jean-Luc

Maybe am I blacklisted (nothing found in mail-abuse.org) or something
like that.

Please could you tell me what's wrong?

Thanks in advance

PS: Log from my mail server seems OK. some examples on CEST time

2004-05-17 23:20:51 1BPpXX-0000az-00 <= fra-duf-no-spam@tourde.org
U=amavis P=amavis-ok S=2045 id=871xlisqc2.fsf@fermat.localhost
2004-05-17 23:20:53 1BPpXX-0000az-00 =>
debian-user-french@lists.debian.org R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp
H=murphy.debian.org []
2004-05-17 23:20:53 1BPpXX-0000az-00 Completed
2004-05-18 01:20:55 1BPrPj-0001y4-00 <= fra-duf-no-spam@tourde.org
U=amavis P=amavis-ok S=2661 id=87fz9yr67k.fsf@fermat.localhost
2004-05-18 01:20:56 1BPrPj-0001y4-00 =>
debian-user-french@lists.debian.org R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp
H=murphy.debian.org []
2004-05-18 01:20:56 1BPrPj-0001y4-00 Completed

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