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Re: Update du couple clamav/freshclam

On Sun, 2 May 2004 20:06:40 +0200
"Jérôme HUBERT(home)" <jerome.hubert@haut-jura.net> wrote:

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> Lu sur http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=369112 :
> On April 24th, a new functionality level will be introduced in the
> database. There are a few signatures which can't be used by pre-0.70
> scanner engines, so we need you to upgrade immediately to 0.70. Clam
> AntiVirus is a GPL virus scanner featuring: * scanning into multiple
> archives (such as .deb and .tar.gz) * mutated Aho-Corasic algorithm
> (very fast scanning) * multi-threading, autodetecting the number of CPUs
> * POSIX compliance
> Les version antérieures à la 0.70 fonctionnent encore, ...mais pour
> combien de temps ?
> J'ai upgradé le paquet clamav  en "unstable" sur un serveur "stable".
> Cela n'a pas fait de dégats

Je ne comprends pas, version 0.65 et pas de messages...

François Boisson

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