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Re: le serveur XdirectFB

Le lun 02/09/2002 à 20:59, piap a écrit :
> quelqu'un à déjà réussi à installer ce serveur X (XdirectFB) ??
> (www.directfb.org)
> si une personne y arrive, je lui tire mon chapeau ;)
> merci de m'aider si vous avez un peu de temps libre
> -- 
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Salut je te donne une réponce vennant de la mailing-list directfb-user
(c'est en anglais, désolé je n'ai pas le courage de traduire ...)

I've got it working fine under debian unstable. First you have to be
able to
check out the XFree86 tree (xc) with CVS. When I do that I make a copy
called xc-dfb that I use just for XDirectFB, keeping the regular xc tree
way XF86 distributes it, just in case I need to compile a regular X
from it.

Next, go into the top directory of the XF86 files (xc usually, but in my
case xc-dfb) and run:

patch -p0 < /path/to/XDirectFB/xc-directfb.diff

(for me, that's ~/src/cvs/directfb/XDirectFB/xc-directfb.diff).

Now (still in xc directory, right?) run:

cp -a /path/to/XDirectFB/programs/Xserver/hw/directfb
cp /path/to/XDirectFB/config/cf/* config/cf

Edit config/cf/host.def if necessary. For me, that just meant changing
value of XF86CardDrivers to take out the the drivers I know I don't

Now just run 'make World' and then 'make install'. Files should be
in /usr/local/X11R6; you'll probably have to be root to install them.

Put /usr/local/X11R6/bin in your path, and you should be able to run

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