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dselect fantôme après grep.

Salut la liste,

après avoir fait grep named * dans /var/log, je me retrouve avec ceci dans ma konsole :

dselect - main package listing (avail., priority)    mark:+/=/- verbose:v help:?
EIOM Pri Section  Package      Inst.ver    Avail.ver   Description
syslog.0:Apr 29 06:21:40 moulinette named[191]: USAGE 1020054100 1020025300 CPU=0u/0.01s CHILDCPU=0u/0s
syslog.0:Apr 29 06:21:40 moulinette named[191]: NSTATS 1020054100 1020025300
syslog.0:Apr 29 06:21:40 moulinette named[191]: XSTATS 1020054100 1020025300 RR=1 RNXD=0 RFwdR=0 RDupR=0 RFail=0 RFErr=0 RErr=0 RAXFR=0 RLame=0 ROpts=0 SSysQ=1 SAns=0 SFwdQ=0 SDupQ=39 SErr=1 RQ=0
RIQ=0 RFwdQ=0 RDupQ=0 RTCP=0 SFwdR=0 SFail=0 SFErr=0 SNaAns=0 SNXD=0 RUQ=0 RURQ=0 RUXFR=0 RUUpd=0
grep: webmin: Is a directory
  n* Std text     ibritish     <none>      3.1.20-21   A British English diction
  n* Std text     ispell       <none>      3.1.20-21   International Ispell (an
  n* Std text     less         <none>      374-1       A file pager program, sim
ibritish     not installed ;  install (was: new package).  Standard
ibritish - A British English dictionary for ispell.

This is the britishmed+ dictionary, as supplied with the source for ispell.
Because of the way this dictionary is built it contains many American
spellings as well as British spellings (e.g. both "analyze" and "analyse"
are considered valid).

description of ibritish

Sachant que depuis ma dernière utilisation de dselect il y a eu
reboot, j'ai du mal à expliquer ce qui s'est passé!!

Me suis-je buffer overflowé ?


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