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Re: keysigning, debian packaging met git, hoe word je een debian contributor, mutt

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On 17/12/2014 01:17, Joost van Baal-Ilić wrote:
> Yes, finding a DM is easier once you can show some work you've done
> for Debian. BTW, you don't need a sponsor to do Debian-work: you
> can e.g. create a .deb and publish that work on e.g. your own
> website.  You can also apply for an account on alioth.debian.org,
> and start contributing to work there, using e.g. git.

I have already created .deb, I think we are in a good shape.

On 18/12/2014 06:40, Geert Stappers wrote:
>> I use icedove (the Debian rebranded version of thunderbird).
>> Indeed, the default changed in jessie to encrypt by default if
>> enigmail (the gpg plugin) knows the key of the recipient. It is
>> easy to change this behavior: Enigmail -> Preferences -> Sending
>> -> Several options to tweak.
> I'm also a user of Mutt  ( http://www.mutt.org/ )
> And now my real message:
> Your GPG-key is 1024-bit. I personaly do trust it. However: In
> Debian is considered a _weak_ key. You will need stronger key (
> more then 2048 bit ) for Debian work.
> Who noticed the 1024bit key Sunday night during the actual signing
> check.

Geert, thanks for noticing that. You're right: I have 1024 DSA / 4096
ElGamal, generated in old 2000. I just didn't think that
public/private keys can be non-symmetric in respect to key length. I
will generate a new key and sign it next meetup.

See you!

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