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Re: keysigning, debian packaging met git, hoe word je een debian contributor, mutt

On 17-12-14 01:17, Joost van Baal-Ilić wrote:
> Cc mij en Dmitry op replies aub; ik ben niet ge-abonneerd op deze lijst.


>>>> P.S. Sorry, I might have send the previous email to you encrypted by my
>>>> key... Strange how Thunderbird came to such an idea. What software do
>>>> you use to sign/encrypt email messages?

I use icedove (the Debian rebranded version of thunderbird). Indeed, the
default changed in jessie to encrypt by default if enigmail (the gpg
plugin) knows the key of the recipient. It is easy to change this
behavior: Enigmail -> Preferences -> Sending -> Several options to tweak.


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