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Re: [Debian] Napster will mich nich

Hello Martin,

* Martin Samesch wrote:

> Hi Wolfgang,
> Wolfgang Erig wrote:
> > 
> > ich wollte jetzt auch mal napstern, also (aus woody)
> >         apt-get install nap
> > etwas gelesen, konfiguriert, gestartet ...
> > und es geht nicht :-(
> > 
> > [....]
> Das löst zwar Dein Napster-Problem nicht, aber es erledigt sich damit
> vielleicht....
> Schau Dir doch mal Audiogalaxy (http://www.audiogalaxy.com/) an.

Ob das ein guter Tip ist:
Subject:      AudioGalaxy Satellite - SPYware

Wasn't sure if this topic has already come up.

Installing Audiogalaxy automatically installs a small tracking or
program called Webhancer. This program not only tracks where you go
on the
but also reads files on your hard drives and sends info to some
company. Even
after completing Audiogalaxy Satellite's rudimentary recommended
which involves manually deleting it's file folder, Webhancer was
still on up
and running in the background. I would have never known it were
there were it
not for my router logs  showing outbound TCP connections to
a1.webhancer.com to port 80 (web).

Looking at download.coms download stats, AudioGalaxy Satellite was
3rd ranked most downloaded application last week.  (341,129
downloads last
week and 4,238,587 downloads to date).

Also, there is no disclaimer regarding this spyware on

Don't get me wrong, AudioGalaxy satellite is a great application.
They just need to remove the spyware.

Best regards,
-Derek Reynolds


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