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[Debian]:We're giving away a FREE Debt Consultation!

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* Is your monthly debt growing?
* Is the holiday season causing your credit card bills to go through the roof?
* Do you want to buy a house or car and are unable to get credit?

Until February 1, 2000, Debt Consolidation
is offering a FREE, confidential debt reduction analysis. Find out how this NON-PROFIT Organization Can:

* Slash your credit card interest rate down to zero!
* Cut your minimum monthly payments by 50%;
* Stop your creditors from harassing you now;
* Consolidate your bills into one payment;
* Instantly begin to IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT RATING!

Reserve your spot as part of this debt management program 
and begin SAVING THOUSANDS of dollars on your debt and Interest.

Other Great Things About This Program:

* NO Need To Own Any Property.
* This is NOT a loan program.
* Almost Everyone With Debt Qualifies.

Visit NOW for a FREE Debt Analysis. Discuss your debt  problem
with an experienced debt reduction professional for free. This offer is available until February 15, 2000,
so respond now to schedule your free phone consultation.
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