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[Debian]: Re: [LRP] muLINUX, LINUX-Router (LRP), Debian-Linux

Salut Michelle,

> My Question:    What must I install to do that too ??? Because I need 
>                 a verry sipmel Installation and distribution methode.

start with lrp and build what you need from there...
> Requirements:   Must support 2/3 network cards (one with DHCP-Client for 
>                 the cabel-Modem), IP-Router, DNS-Server, Lynx, bandwidth 

lynx browser : why put that on the machine itself ? 

>                 limiter and if possibel MegaByte-Counter for specified 

the shaper should allow you to limit OUTgoing traffic (incoming doesn't
make much sense as when you get it, it already wasted your uplink.
Counters: ipfwadm -A(ccounting)

>                 internal IP-Addresses. Also it must run from a Floppy 
>                 and/or Harddisk on a FAT 16 partition.

that should not be a problem with lrp, have you looked at the different
.lrp packages ?
About the DNS-server: there's one too, but it might not make much sense
running from a floppy.
Maybe you should look into forwarding ports, then you can have your
DNS-server on the inside, but 'virtually' on the LRP.

Allez, salut les mexx(R) ou plutot, la fille ?


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